Keeping it alive

I attended the Manovodaya programme – Sustainable Social Development – in October. I came away refreshed and invigorated, convinced that a slower pace would help me be more effective. I was  inspired by the wonderful group of people leading and participating in the programme. It was a privilege to share it with them.

Afterwards, I felt I was a better person to be around – more attentive. I think I can listen to my family, friends and colleagues at a deeper level and reflect on ways I can contribute. The challenge has been to keep that going, apply it to social change and keep connected to purpose when surrounded by so many distractions and diversions.

The Eight Steps in Action have been a helpful reference point – a good gauge of how I am doing. I now have Varun’s book and I am looking forward to understanding more.

I shared what I learned with my team at work. Some seemed to get it almost as common sense, others rejected it as just not their thing. But I think what is useful for everyone in the team is slowing things down and creating a more relaxed place to work.

It was also good to meet up with Doreen, Nick, Martin and Pete in Newcastle last week to share some collective reflection time and ideas. I hope to keep in touch with people who participated in the programme, to keep it alive for myself and see what develops. Good luck to all and see you again, Rebecca..