International course in India 2013

Manavodaya India provisional course dates

10-23 February 2013

A two-week programme titled ‘People Based Development – Concept and Practice’ for participants from abroad, is a unique experience in participatory development in India. It combines inputs in classroom with field visits involving direct interaction with villagers. A number of UK colleagues are already signed up for the course.

The programme is based on the following lessons learned at Manavodaya:

  • Participatory development is a process that builds on people’s own capacity and resources and it can be initiated by outsiders.
  • The process of  participatory development is feasible even among the very poor and illiterate.
  • A successful participatory development process requires a clear vision, strategy and suitable values among facilitators of the process.
  • The process can be adopted among groups of marginalised or disabled people too.
  • Participants from earlier programmes have used the method among refugees in Norway as well as people with learning disabilities in the UK.

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