Funding raised by Manavodaya UK is contributing to the training of 80 facilitators

A number of individuals make monthly donations to Manavodaya. The fund has built up over the last three years so that, along with money raised through training events in the UK, Manavodaya UK has been able to help the programme in India happen.

Varun Vidyarthi, Manavodaya’s Director, sent the following account:

‘I would like to share the good news that Manavodaya is now working on capacity building of 80 facilitators from eleven districts of Uttar Pradesh for the formation, nurturing and promotion of various development activities at village level. Of these 20 are from the sugarcane belt in district Lakhimpur Khiri from where I have sent a preliminary report titled Taming of the Tiger.

In the background of this news, we propose the use of MIUK funds for meeting expenses related to the project for training of facilitators mentioned above.

There are several costs involved in training and guidance of 80 facilitators in different districts. The National Bank ( NABARD) is meeting part of these costs i.e. those related to training at Manavodaya and a small lumpsum amount. Most of the other expenses like salaries of project staff, support staff at office level expenses on travel, communication and electricity are all wide open. These will be met partly from MIUK funds and partly from another donation from Norway. We are hoping to raise the rest from training programmes. We shall still fall short of the requisite funds.

Despite the short funds availability we decided to go in for the project as there were two major advantages:

A. Close collaboration with a local bank for onward credit support to the groups formed at the village level. In this case, we collaborate closely with the Allahabad UP Gramin bank in the identification and local monitoring of the facilitators. Such ownership and support by a bank is extremely helpful in running the project.

B. Support from the apex bank NABARD which helps us in keeping pace with policy changes and updates on what is happening where.

We are in a tight position and MIUK funds, together with the Norwegian donation, were important in helping us to take the plunge..