Manvodaya course, Lillehammer, Norway, 2012

At the end of 2012, participants from both Norway and the UK attended the programme based in the beautiful surroundings of Nordsetter in the Mountains above Lillehammer. The course was facilitated by Anne Bregnballe and Bjarne Ovrelid, supported by Varun Vidyarthi from Manavodaya India.

Participants were able to hear first hand from Varun about the techniques used and the wider experience of Manavodaya India. How long standing barriers to the disenfranchised rural poor, such as bonded labour, uneconomic and unsustainable agricultural practices, women and girls educational opportunities are being overcome. Through the process of self- and collective reflection, participants were able to then share their experiences and consider common themes in work in India, Norway and the UK.

One participant, Ruth from Aberdeen, said:

‘I would recommend the course to everyone no matter what your field. It
helps clear the mind so you get more done by doing less… go figure! It
introduced me to yoga, which I still do every morning and its helped my
back pain a lot. I’m also more relaxed at work.’.