About us

This page tells you about Manavodaya International UK, the organisation.

Manavodaya UK was formed in 2010 by a small group of people who had either been to Manavodaya’s international course in India or had worked with Varun Vidyarthi during one of his visits to the UK. (Varun heads Manavodaya in India.)

In India, Manavodaya has supported the creation of hundreds of self-managing groups among low-caste villagers living below the international poverty line. Groups are often started with women who are in debt to moneylenders and who may be bonded labourers. The techniques used for establishing and maintaining such groups are directly applicable in the UK, such as to groups of poor, disabled or isolated people.

The organisation is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

The Trustees/Directors are:

  • Doreen Kelly, Director of Partners for Inclusion in Kilmarnock
  • Pete Richmond Director of Just Connections
  • John Dalrymple Director of Neighbourhood Networks
Their involvement with Manavodaya UK is in a personal capacity – they do not represent the organisations they work for.