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Tyneside discussion coming up

Martin Donkin writes:

An Invitation to a series of discussions

A few of us met recently to take forward our discussion about how the ideas of Manavodaya could work on Tyneside.

Manavodaya in India is a movement based on both social justice and an emphasis on combining this with inner development and how 8 steps of action provide a foundation for individual and collective development.

 The Eight Steps are:

•    taking time for inner development
•    being part of collective reflection
•    sharing time by committing some of our time to a good cause or project
•    sharing money – giving a proportion of our earning to make a difference
•    buy local produce whenever possible so that we support local economies
•    working on our faults
•    controlling our speech to limit harm
•    Taking an equal share in domestic tasks and chores.

In addition to working towards these personal commitments we were all interested in how we could take part in social justice work or strengthen good work that is already going on. Click below for more detail and to see some of the ideas that came up. Continue reading Tyneside discussion coming up

Royal Society of Arts

Carl Poll took Varun Vidyarthi’s place in speaking at the RSA’s lunchtime lecture today.

Carl says he was unsure what to expect. He reports that ‘About 100 people attended from different sectors to that I’m used to (social care). I wasn’t sure how the messages would go down – that to do meaningful work we need to work on our ‘inner dimension’ (because only that way can we approach those we want to help with an attitude of humility). But the audience, by and large, seemed to relate to the ideas.’

A video of the event will be available soon on the RSA website and we’ll put a link to it here..

Centre for Welfare Reform and RSA events go ahead

Varun Vidyarthi was due to speak at the Centre for Welfare Reform (4 October) and the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturing (6 October). Both organisations decided to go ahead with their events despite Varun’s absence due to difficulties in India. Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform will present Manavodaya’s work in Wakefield on 4 October. Carl Poll of Manavodaya UK will present at the RSA on 6 October..