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Raising funds to Create new Facilitators

Manavodaya UK has linked up with Buzzbank to create a crowd funding project to support new facilitators from the rural poor in India.

Please visit:

If we don’t reach the first milestone no funds go to Manavodaya so please help if you can.

We hope some you will explore both this and the Manavodaya India website and fine something that will make your life a little richer.

We would like to see some of you making a donation to campaign which will help begin the process of real change

We would love to see you not only make a donation but share this campaign with others and ask them to also make a donation By spreading the word this is how crowd funding works

On the buzzbank page you can make a donation direct or purchase a gift certificate and send to a friend ( but word of caution the gift certificate process does not allow us to claim gift aid from HMRC)

We may not change the world – maybe you wont either – but together we can contribute to real change by investing in some of the poorest and most disenfranchised people, who will change their world.