Manavodaya India

This page has information about Manavodaya in India.

Manavodaya is a centre of learning in values-based development. It promotes people’s participation through a process of self-help and empowerment. Manavodaya works among oppressed groups at village level. It facilitates a process of change based on local participation, self management and control.

Members of a self-help group in India

Working at grassroots level during the past 25 years has led to the development of practices in social transformation that can be adopted by oppressed, marginalised and excluded groups in most cultural contexts. Manavodaya developed its methods of facilitating self-help groups in Uttar Pradesh, North India. It is known for its role in creating the first credit linkage of a self-help group with a rural bank in North India after months of struggle in 1993.

Several thousand practitioners and professionals in NGOs, banks, government agencies and cooperatives from different parts of India have participated in capacity building programmes at Manavodaya, focusing on methods of promoting self-help, empowerment and values-based development.

An international course titled People Based Development was started in 1998. The course has been regularly organised since then and has attracted participants from Africa, Europe and the US.

For more information, visit the Manavodaya Education (India) website