What we do

This page tells you about the activities of Manavodaya International UK.

In India, Manavodaya, a community building organisation, has developed important ways of working:

  • reshaping professional interventions so that power is transferred to the people who are helped or supported
  • developing our personal attitudes – especially humility – so that our actions are more effective
  • group facilitation methods that enable even the most disenfranchised groups to take control.

Manavodaya UK believes that these methods are important to all those interested in sustainable social change. We want to make these methods available to those working in community development, social care and other sectors.

Manavodaya UK:

  • organises courses and events that explain the approach
  • is creating a national network of people who want to make these changes in their life and work
  • supports the work of Manavodaya in India
  • is building links with other countries in Europe and Africa.

A group of people with their arms around each other, Grapevine in Coventry working in the Manavodaya spirit

(photo: Grapevine, Coventry)